ROXXXAN – Grime/Hip Hop M.C, Artist & Model

KILLA KELA: For those of you who don’t know roxxxan, she’s an extremely versatile mc. We say Grime artist but there’s the characteristics of a hip-hop background. 

ROXXXAN: People think I came from Grime but, I came from hip hop. We grew up listening to like the Graveyard Shift Crew and UB4. Grime came to Birmingham late but, how I started we used to listen to Wu-tang you just try and write and re-write record over wutang tracks.

KILLA KELA: You’ve been doing this for a minute, how does it feel to be back making music.

ROXXXAN: I feel brand new. I feel like I’ve just come into myself. I’m ready for the world now.  There’s a couple of years haven’t released anything and I was just trying to prove that I’m good enough to to be here. When I first came to London sb:tv was doing the f64 and I remember begging him for one and he kept saying no no like you haven’t done enough, it was hard. Also, everyone was like don’t be gay, don’t be openly gay and I’ve always been openly gay, so I think for a long time I was too busy proving that I’m good enough. Now I just want to make music. I’ve got nothing to prove anymore, I’m okay with me, I’m here I’m queer and I’m taking over. 

KILLA KELA: What’s Birmingham like growing up? 

ROXXXAN: Birmingham was amazing growing up. I know it gets a lot of stigmas for being rough and everything, but I don’t know, I loved it. I’ve been in I’ve been in London 11 years now but, the loyalty you get in Birmingham your friends are your friends forever. In London it’s like every six months I’m meeting new people or I’m transitioning, or someone got upset over this or that. I’m finding it really hard to find my people here you know 

KILLA KELA:  What was school like for you?

ROXXXAN: I’m dyslexic and when I was in school, they weren’t sure how to teach me. I felt dumb I felt like I couldn’t get it. the teachers would ask me to do things like in theatre, oh can you help design the clothes or I used to play sport a lot so I was captain of all the teams. The way it’s treated back in the day it was very much oh you’re in the bottom of the class. the teachers are giving you the answers and telling you to memorize it they’re not breaking it down so you’ll be able to work out what’s actually happening when you’re not with them you know because they just want you to pass so it looks good for the school, but I get it again the school is a business.

KILLA KELA:  What was the first record you bought? 

ROXXXAN: Gabrielle and e17 and then craig David can you fill me in.

KILLA KELA:  As a creative, how do you manage you work rate?

ROXXXAN:  Tt the moment I have a schedule for creative time…I say schedule but I mean like I’ll say to myself, okay next week you’ve got to finish these two songs, or you’ve got to write two freestyles and then throughout the week sometimes I’ll get up and feel super creative. I won’t even wash I’ll just go straight and put music on. I also love writing on the bus.

KILLA KELA:  How would you describe your style? Who are your inspirations?

ROXXXAN:  Pharrell, asap rocky with a little bit of wiz Khalifa and a dash of jaden smith. I just love the eclectic-ness of them. I love that they’re not scared to be them. They are men, they paint their nails, they wear whatever they want. they will wear a skirt if they want. my other idol is  grace jones. She just broke down so many barriers and she was told no so many times. I just love the fact that she’s actually a straight woman, you know, you look you see her you’d expect her to be gay, but I love that she’s not. she’s just her version of a woman and that’s what I think my message is, this is my version of the woman. I identify as she/ her. A lot of people that look like me or are quite masculine identify as they and them. I love being a woman so much, I’m just this version of a woman and I think that’s my biggest message, respect everyone.

KILLA KELA:  where did you see yourself in in two years’ time?

ROXXXAN:  Being visible, being humble and being approachable. if you asked me a year ago, where would you be today, I would never think I’d be where I am. I don’t know I just I’m leaving it all up to the universe, but I’m just going with what feels right, what feels good, definitely in music hopefully still in modelling I would love to get into tv as well. 

This week we’re delving into the content and creating of a man with so much legacy for his age, mixing across a multitude of genres, you’d think streeThis weeks podcast we are with Birminghams shining star – Grime/Hip Hop M.C, Artist & Model, Roxxxan is inside the podcast for a chat. We’re talking about career experiences beyond the mic & camera and getting into some uncharted and emotional conversations; homelessness and fitting in with society, defining success & personal development. Being true to yourself and empowering those around you, the music, the creative process, as well as Roxxxan’s more recent & exciting challenges of becoming a model. For a full 360 creative insight, this is a big episode for you! The is Roxxxan’s Podcast, enjoy!