With countless views on his viral hit “ ONE EYE OPEN”,  we sit down with the mighty UK  Grime Garage MC hip-hop extraordinaire RINSA MALONE.

KILLA KELA: You’ve  been doing it for a long long time.. From first impressions, I would say your music and just you as a person intergreates really well within the street culture environment, would you agree with that?

RINSA MALONE:  Yeah man, the streets are a habitat. I grew up in Camden, went to school with Dappy & Fazer from N Dubz.  Ms. Dynamite  is my cousin. I’ve been doing this since I was a kid. My Mum used to say stop the noise! She used to just leave me in my room and I  would just write all day man. Music and writing is a natural thing.  I think anything you practice becomes natural after a certain amount of time.

KILLA KELA: One Eye Open was a zeitgeist moment in time and it’s not just Garage and Grime heads that like it. I find it almost inherent with that song that you’re able to connect with people by default, not everyone can write a song like that where it captures the imagination.

RINSA MALONE: The UK hip hop scene in general has really accepted it but it goes beyond that. Yeah, I mean Fetty Wrap, he’s watching me, Summer Walker, Cardi B. It’s insane.

KILLA KELA: Your singing voice it’s almost arabic it’s got it’s got  a snake charmer sound to it am i right? There is such an international appeal to your music.

RINSA MALONE: yeah it is, I listen to Punjabi MCs  a lot and maybe it just hit my soul . I feel calm when I’m singing like that. I’m Jamaican as well so it’s a bit like, how’s this guy sound like he’s arabic? But in the end I truly believe we call from the same place.

KILLA KELA: Talk to me about the style of music you chose, because there are many sides to Rinsa Malone but, you really only show one side in your music, why is that?

RINSA MALONE: I feel you can’t put all your personality into your music, it’s only going to be a category of your personality. You’re not going to hear me talk about love songs and talking about the streets at the same time.  I might pop up with a few songs but ultimately I want to educate the street. One Eye Open when I’m sleeping. That’s educating the streets. if your door knocks make sure that you’re going to check the door, that could be anyone knocking your door.

KILLA KELA: You’re working on a E.P. What’s your creative process like?

RINSA MALONE: I try to get into the studio at least three times a week just to get some ideas down even if I’m not recording.  I’m not  rushing the album because I don’t even really write. I find if I try to sit down and write I freeze. That’s why I freestyle alot.  I don’t want to force it.  When I get into the spirit then I’ll write the tune. I won’t just just write for no reason.