KILLA KELA: how did it all begin? How did you get into music?

DJ BAILEY: My parents liked music a lot. In those days the settings in London weren’t right for black people to go to clubs so they’d buy records and then have parties in their houses. they just had a big record collection, so I just understood somehow the value of music and really just got into it. 

KILLA KELA: How did you develop your style?

DJ BAILEY: my mom was Motown and my stepfather like roots reggae. the blending of those two genres with drum and bass line. it’s like three things at once and that’s why I got glued to it. I would put my favorite parts of the record on loop and just have people rapping over. I was adding that extra bit of spice, it was magical.

KILLA KELA: You have such a vibe to you sets, what’s your secret ingredient? 

DJ BAILEY: well, I used to be hip-hop DJ that’s what the secret ingredient is. I love break beats. I love simple bass lines. I love melodies. I like the music I play to have feeling and soul.

KILLA KELA: What made you take that leap from Hip hop to House?

DJ BAILEY: It was the overall vibe of the music. hip hop had that slightly unfriendly vibe. when house music came along it was all very love you kinda of vibe. I didn’t realize at the time it was all drug fueled

KILLA KELA: what is it about drum bass that makes a longevity and makes it feel so everlasting and endless?

DJ BAILEY: it’s a reflection of of everybody’s lives, even if it’s got no lyrics in it. you can hear the struggles in the music. You’ll hear the aggression, the break beats, the dub baselines. 

KILLA KELA Tell us about working on BBC1xtra?

DJ BAILEY: I had a friend who had a partner who was working at the BBC. They hit me up saying the BBC is starting this new station and it was gonna be called network x. I started working for them and they just shoved me in one studio by, so I just created l fake features and top ten and said things within the show rather than just playing music. I just hosted and told stories. I didn’t know the impact of it all until later but I’m really proud of it. if I never accomplished anything else I’d just be like you know what? I did my bit here and I’m really happy with that.


KILLA KELA First record you owned. 

DJ BAILEY: hey mickey by TonI Basil on seven inches.

KILLA KELA What was your first DJ name?

DJ BAILEY: I used to call myself the black technician.

KILLA KELA Tell us a crazy DJ story.

DJ BAILEY: I flew into Washington and was doing a DJ warm-up set for James’s brown concert at this huge basketball thing. I flew in, got on stage and flew right back immediately after. It was crazy and it not really well known. I wasn’t on the billing or anything. 

KILLA KELA Most prized possession.

DJ BAILEY: wu tang taste the pain came out on PlayStation they gave that away in a special box and and it had a bottle of pills. it’s like a wu-tang prescription bottle but it’s got mints in it. they’re painted and it’s got the logo and everything. i like to keep things like that because I can look back and think, wow look at this cool little thing.