Give him a mic and he can destroy it.  This is Daddy Freddy.

KILLA KELA: You have got so much lineage and so much you have got so much history it’s almost impossible to go through it all, what drives you?

DADDY FREDDY: I love music, it is an enjoyment for me. I like to see people dance and feel nice and give them input of the lyrical content. When you’re listening to the words in the song and it gives you power, I love that. When the music hits your feet you feel no pain, like Bob Marley.

KILLA KELA: I remember your Slammin’ Rap video 1993 and it was live, I’ve never seen anything like it, and of course the Stress album, it’s part of my DNA. Talk to me about the Studio One time and the Zoo party and why you changed from Papa Freddy to Daddy Freddy.

DADDY FREDDY: I first started with The Wild Bunch this sound system in Jamaica. I was always the youngest one, but I was too much for age, I’m a leader, I can’t be a follower.I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved because basically when I was youth, I was doing it for fun.

KILLA KELA: You have some new songs and an album coming out?

DADDY FREDDY:  Yeah, with Sleepy time Ghost, I have so many artists featuring on it. My favourite video right now of my new thing is Sweet Jamaica.

KILLA KELA: You deal with so many genres of music. You pioneered a lot of stuff.

DADDY FREDDY:  Yeah, house, jungle, led zeppelin, Daddy Freddy’s In Town, Ragga House, country music. All type of music music, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, don’t listen to it 

KILLA KELA: You are one of the nicest humans, do you feel like a lot of your successes apart from being right place at right time comes down to being accommodating, being nice?

DADDY FREDDY: Yes, sometimes you can have all the skills but you gotta be nice too. Keep it coming, keep it consistent and you’ll win them. 

KILLA KELA: How do you feel about the longevity, that your career has had?

DADDY FREDDY: I’m still doing my thing and God bless all of you people out there watching and listening to me and still have that respect and love for me see me. I love you guys.

Todays Podcast we are stepping into the world of a true legend in Ragga & the MC artform. A pioneer and world record holder, the mighty Daddy Freddy is in for a chat. We’re talking history, collaborations, health scares & near death experiences, Studio 1, Soundsystem culture, Regrets, his time in NY & 90’s Hip Hop and one or two revelations.. this is a one of a kind chat with the one and only Daddy Freddy!