KILLA KELA: Where would be the place you would like to visit on your Christmas day of all places around the world?

M.O.N.G.O :  I want to be first in the bathroom. There’s five of us in the house, six including the dog. We’ve just done our bathroom, it is a sanctuary, it is amazing so, I want to be first in the bathroom and not have to rush for no one, have my refresh and then just be at home because that’s where I’m happy, I don’t need to go nowhere else. I want to be at home with my people who I love and love me that’s it, but I want to be first in the bathroom.

SKINNYMAN: For Christmas day I long to visit the churches in Ethiopia with the orthodox priest trying to find myself.

KILLA KELA: What would your true love to give to you?

SKINNYMAN: It wouldn’t be of anything material value, they come and go, give me a memory that I can hold in my memory chip forever. But also, I long for them to do a Christmas pot noodle, turkey and mushroom and sage flavour.

KILLA KELA: What is your favorite Christmas memory? 

M.O.N.G.O : I think a lot of the time Christmases was overpowered by New Year’s so I’ll tell you my favorite New Year was in the Roundhouse at Chalk Farm, it was shut down and it was taken over by Spiral Tribe. It was fucking bonkers, it was brilliant, like everyone was off their tits the whole manor was there it went for three days, being on the roof for like five in the morning, watching the sun.

SKINNYMAN:  I clearly recollect my favourite Christmas on record ever is when M.O.N.G.O dressed up as Santa for my eldest boy who was very very young at the time. He was dressed up in the Santa suit and came as Santa and it was very memorable.

KILLA KELA: Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, what what gifts would you give?

SKINNYMAN: Depends on which which has held its value on the stock market. Gold.

M.O.N.G.O : I’d give my brother back his sanity and get him out of his lock-up and anyone else that’s been lost in the system I’d give you back your shit; you’d be 16 again and and you’d be free from all the fuckery and get back to themselves.


Our ambitious Christmas Wishlist would be for us to start seeing that all humans of the world as our fellow humans. We must not call them immigrants, they’re not cockroaches, they are our fellow humans, and they have a right to life, and to look for a better way of life. As fellow humans it’s our duty to make sure that all fellow humans should be safe.

We want everyone to be full of love, be happy, be joyful be on a high-level frequency all day.

Set your ambitions for the New Year. There’s nothing that you can’t achieve. If people like Elon musk is going to Mars, what can we do fam.

Kings of this earth come to your senses. Treat the queens like queens. Be vigilant, militant, and diligent to protect the innocent.

Ddon’t care the race, religion, colour, and creed. A hug is a hug, a cry is a cry, tears is tears, blood is blood, piss is piss. Everybody’s got the same stuff running around their body. 

Open up your forehead man you’ve got the key to unlock it all.

 Big up to everyone

magic mushrooms drying out on an open fire

Today we are celebrating the festive season with some Christmas transparency – a Mudcast christmas special featuring UK Hip Hop legends Skinnyman & Mongo from Mud Famly! We get into an in-depth chat on where Christmas started, how its been moulded to fit society, consumerism and religion. We also get into family pressures over Christmas, and how to fix those pressures. Plus Quickfire Question’s, a few sing songs and a good heart to heart.. This is the Mudcast, enjoy!