KILLA KELA: How did you get the name Prime cuts?

PRIME CUTS: Rob Euroh gave me the name Prime Cuts in 1987, I’ve had that name since we were kids in Covent Garden

KILLA KELA: Tell me about Covent Garden, it really was all about street culture, wasn’t it?

PRIME CUTS: We were absorbing it all, experiencing it, watching people dance and the artwork and people sharing you know showing books and stuff. I was never really in the graffiti thing myself, but I was a fan of it. it really was a youth culture at the time. Growing up from like 11 to 16 it was just it was just that dancing, art, music. We we kind of caught it at the tail end of it happening. it had been going strong since the early 80s so we only really kind of experienced the last few years of it. this was also the time I met First Rate, when his DJ name was blob. I think when he changed his name around 1991.

KILLA KELA: You were in DMCs at 17, what was that like?

PRIME CUTS: Terrifying! I remember being in this nightclub where they had the regionals. They had a heat and then you go to a regional if you qualify. I qualified but I remember being you know just in in the club and looking at the turntables set up and just thinking fuck man I’m going to be up there in a minute… what on earth I got second place, we ended up doing the regional and recklessly went on to become the cup champion, I come third, so I missed out the cup finals just by that much.

KILLA KELA:  You have created quite the legacy, but how did it all start? 

PRIME CUTS: i got the decks in ‘88 when I was 16 but I’ve been scratching since ‘85. I discovered the music and scratching via the dancing. I wasn’t the greatest dancer but when when I caught the scratching thing it really that resonated with me. 

KILLA KELA:  You’ve known tony forever, haven’t you?

PRIME CUTS: I was aware of tony before I really knew him. He was like one of the dudes who worked in bongos.. I always associated him as as being part of that team and him really being into his jazz and then finding out that he was into scratching it was like yeah man! he had the idea of putting together the crew. I had a job in in soho and was working as an editor, so I had a kind of career thing happening. For me it was also like you know can I sacrifice time to get involved in this? we would meet at the shop, and it started to gain some momentum and it started just naturally happened

KILLA KELA:  where’d you get your tenacity from you? like where’s where does it is is hip-hop the bug for you? 

PRIME CUTS: every aspect of hip-hop culture is a very demanding thing you can’t there’s no shortcut to any of it, you know you’ve got to be incredibly dedicated to visit the record stores, to put yourself in danger at gigs, to you know 

KILLA KELA:  What do you think contributed to the success of the Scratch Perverts?

PRIME CUTS: Every person had their own style and brought something quite unique. everyone absorbed a bit from everyone else. everything was being thrown into this kind of melting pot and all these different techniques. harry from a very early stage was was really in tuned into making beats and I think that’s the path he was naturally going to follow. Niall has a a great mind when it comes to arrangement and presentation, mr thing of course with the funk. For me, the scratch perverts the was all about battling that whole reason for us forming

KILLA KELA:  I was in the crew for no more than like eight months tops and i remember that conversation arising where there was going to be a reformation something was going to change. Tell me your thoughts on that meeting?

PRIME CUTS: Yeah, I mean it was an unfair decision and pretty brutal. we want to continue battling. we want to continue winning competitions and at the time it felt like we needed to you know shrink this thing down to just two or three people. 

KILLA KELA:  any regrets?

 PRIME CUTS: well first thing I’ll say is I have an awful lot of love and respect for every person involved in in the crew. the decision that we made at the tail end of 99 was a brutal one but one that at the time felt justified. on reflection I think it was you know it was a bit harsh but we managed to keep going. everyone managed to keep going. everyone went on a slightly different path.

KILLA KELA:  do you ever see a scratch perverts’ reunion?

 PRIME CUTS: the door to my studio is always open to everyone on the team. 

This weeks podcast we are going to the highest reaches in turntable conversation rockstar behaviour with 4x World DMC DJ Champion, Scratch Pervert & producer DJ Primecuts. We leave no stone unturned in his most in-depth conversation. We’re talking early UK Hip Hop, DJ battling, the crews, Scratch Perverts the untold stories, the personnel changes, the rockstar lifestyles, the pitfalls, the Perverted Alies, behind the scenes during their 15 year residency at Fabric London, Equipment & tech talk, production and way more… This is all you need to know, this is the DJ Primecuts Podcast, Enjoy!